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On behalf of all patrons, tenants, customers or employees, we want to help you ensure the water features on all of your properties are fully operational, safe, running as efficiently as possible, and always looking their very best. With the elevated experience water brings to a property, it also brings the necessary on-going upkeep.


Aquatronix specializes in  expert maintenance of  your waterscapes.   Through our extensive list of services, we can provide a solution for most any water feature need.

Our menu of services include,  start ups, renovations, parts replacement, repairs, leak detection, plumbing, waterproofing, recurring maintenance, and more.

We have extensive experience working at homeowners’ associations, apartment buildings, offices, retail and mixed-use complexes, schools, hotels, hospitals, medical buildings, churches, parks, and many other types of properties.

Aquatronix  has been servicing 3 fountains at our property for the last 20 years. They been doing a great job maintaining the fountains. They are quick to respond on any emergency call when we get the fountains vandalized. Thank you for all the service you have done on our property.

Enrique Mendieta, Chief Engineer Brea Gateway

Property Managers

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